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One-on-one coaching and mentoring provides you with personalized sessions,  targeted guidance, and my focused attention on simplifying your business to drive your success. 

I can help you pinpoint problem areas, find solutions, create a custom action plan and EXECUTE it in order to reach your goals and SUCCEED. 

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What is included in a 1:1 Coaching Session?

Coaching Intake Questionnaire

This series of questions gives me an overview of your current business health as well as your goals and obstacles before we get started. 

60-Minute Session

During each session we will review your progress and current goals, develop and revise your plan of action, and celebrate your successes. 

Personalized Trello/Asana Board

You will be provided with a personalized Trello or Asana Board based on your preference. This tool will be used to store notes from our sessions, plan out goals, and hold you accountable. 


Unlimited access to me during your coaching session series. Reach out whenever you need more assistance. 

Client Testimonials

“Kelly has integrity and compassion. She truly wants to help those she works with to be successful in their businesses. She assesses your business and recommends what systems, tools, processes, etc. are right for you. I am so overjoyed to be working with Kelly! She brings fun and order to my life!”
Robin Kramer Testimonial
Robin Kramer
Coach, Red Boot Consulting
“I didn’t realize how much time it was going to save me when I had Kelly set up my CRM and Inventory systems. It would have taken me weeks to figure out how to import all of my data and information. Having Kelly do these for me freed up my time so I could focus on other parts of my business. She also trained me on how to use my new systems and how to make them work best for me and my business.”
Sierra Otto Testimonial
Sierra Otto
Owner, Sierra Winter Jewelry